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Dear visitor,

It is our pleasure to welcome you to the village of Manzanares El Real.
Our village is located in the Cuenca Alta del Manzanares Regional Park, by The Pedriza a protected park that is listed in the Worldwide Biosphere Reserves and is one of the most stunning landscapes in the Region of Madrid.
A unique ecosystem and incredible historical culture are combination that will ensure a visit to Manzanares El Real will be a memorable experience.

Mendoza´s Castle, one of the best preserved medieval fortresses in Spain, the Old Castle (Castillo Viejo), the Cañada Real Bridge, the first paper factory in Spain and the Museo Etnológico and Arqueológico are some of the highlights of a visit.
Along with find a wide variety of local cuisine and leisure activities you would also be able to enjoy some spectacular stand alone events such as our Medieval Weekend, Tapa’s Fair and all the annual local festivities. All of this is available less than 50km from the city of Madrid.

Welcome to our streets and roads, paths and monuments.
Welcome to Manzanares El Real. Make yourself comfortable.

La Corporación Municipal

View of Manzanares El Real, The Pedriza and The Lake


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